Deutsche Baryt-Industrie puts great emphasis on using highest quality raw materials for the respective application and applies divers processing procedures to manufacture the Barytes. The crushed and graded concentrates are milled to a particle size < 0.04 mm by wet milling to produce our finest and brilliant white products. Our products are partly bleached to obtain brilliant white Barytes powder. The dry milling and classifying systems of Deutsche Baryt-Industrie allow to produce different qualities with regard to brightness and fineness. The production process is often adjusted to customer-specific requests.

The products are available in 25 kg paper bags, in big-bags or in bulk. The comprehensive processing procedures and the high frequency of sampling to monitor production guarantee the consistent quality of the final products. Every lot is checked and approved in our own laboratory before dispatch.

Bad Lauterberg Barytes can be used – beside others – in applications like paints, plastics and rubber, floorings, putties, brake pads, in glass and for sound dampening.

Our product range consists of the following products: Albasoft, Albasoft 90 + 100, EWO, Fleur, Albawhite-product line, Barytmehl N + G and 901 as well.