• Processing / Beneficiation

    Use of high-quality natural raw material from international sources

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  • Chemical Treatment

    Refining of selected raw material for the production of bright white qualities

  • Distribution

    Up-to-date packing facilities according to best available technology

  • Mechanical dewatering

    Production of bleached white barytes

  • Dry grinding

    Production of barytes in our ball mill

  • Raw materials

    Use after careful selection and analysis

Welcome to Deutsche Baryt-Industrie

Deutsche Baryt-Industrie was founded in 1900 by Commercial Councillor Dr. Rudolf Alberti. We have been providing our customers with very pure and bright natural barium sulphates of extraordinary quality for more than 100 years.

We have become the most important producer worldwide because of our experience, reliability and quality as well as our specially developed refining processes. The products can be used – among other applications – for paints, putties, plastics, heavy layer, glass and brake pads.

We extracted the crude ore from our own mine „Wolkenhügel“ until 2007. Since than we have been purchasing different raw materials from all over the world. These raw materials are refined to produce our long year established qualities Albaryt, Albasoft, Albawhite, Barytmehl, EWO and Fleur in Bad Lauterberg.